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New Yacht Commissioning

Jeanneau Dealer of the Year 2017

Florida Yacht Group’s Service Department is in charge of tracking and taking delivery of your new yacht. Yachts are generally delivered overland by escorted truck from either a port or the factory. Upon arrival, the new yacht is lifted off its delivery cradle and place on the hard with supports and blocking.

An inventory is then taken of what has been received and compared with the original order. Each item is carefully inspected for completeness and damage. Anything found unacceptable is claimed and re-ordered. An INITIAL QUALITY REPORT is prepared and provided to the manufacturer detailing and documenting all findings.

Typically within one week of delivery to our yard, a meeting (preferably face-to-face) is held with the buyer(s) to apprise them of the condition of the yacht as received and review commissioning work plans/schedule. If the buyer is satisfied with the yacht as received and the scope of commissioning work, the closing for the purchase can be scheduled and commissioning work can begin.

Commissioning is guided by a detailed COMMISSIONING CHECKLIST. There is a PRE-LAUNCH out of the water phase that includes everything necessary to prepare to boat for launching, such as:

  • assembly of all hull connected components (such are arches, ladders)
  • outfitting of the mast (such as with antennas, standing rigging components)
  • raising of the mast and adjustment of standing rigging
  • installation of running rigging, rodes, anchors and chain
  • bottom painting
  • installation of batteries
  • engine preparations
  • testing of all electronics, electric winches, inverter, pumps,appliances
  • installation of bimini /dodger
  • installation of chartering pack items*
  • cleaning of all interior and exterior areas

The COMMISSIONING CHECKLIST is then progressed in the water after launching of the yacht. Activities include:

  • Leak checks and operation of seacocks
  • Operation of all bilge pumps, air conditioning,water
  • An extensive engine checks
  • operation of wash down pumps, toilets
  • shore power connections
  • steering and emergency tiller
  • operation of stove/LPG system
  • availability of safety gear aboard

A SEA TRIAL CHECKOUT list is then completed where-in every aspect of the yacht is tested. Buyer(s) participate in this import step. The buyer(s) complete their own checks and report any remaining deficiencies that must be corrected.

Finally, when all commissioning is completed and the sea trial and other buyer checkouts are 100% satisfactory, the yacht is cleaned readied for hand-over to the buyer(s). Yachts bound for charter service are then relocated to their intended charter bases.

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