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Owner Usage Policy and Procedures

Jeanneau Dealer of the Year 2017

In the Lease Purchase Partner Program, the Lessee use the yacht up to 12 weeks per year.

Here are the key points and details:

  • Lessees receive up to 12 weeks of access to their yacht or a like yacht each year.
  • Lessees  may Advance Book four weeks per year: 2 weeks in high/mid and 2 weeks in low season annually.
  • Advanced Booking means this use can be booked as far in advance as the End of Lease date.
  • Lessees  may Short Notice book inside 7 days an additional 2 weeks in high/mid and 2 weeks in low season annually.
  • Lessees  may trade each high/mid week for two low weeks, which would allow a total use of 12 weeks/year if all weeks were used in low season.
  •  If a Lessee  plans to use the full allotment of time in high season, he, or she, could have six weeks per year with a maximum of three weeks of advanced booking use and three weeks of short notice use each year.
  • Lessees  must use the time allocated each year or lose it.

Here are rules regarding usage related questions that may arise:

  1. Lessees  must be aboard the yacht at the time of use. A Lessee  is considered to be the person(s) leasing the yacht.
  2. If a partnership is formed to lease a yacht each partner has a share of Lessee privileges.  Yachts leased in partnership structures share the use benefits between partners. We require an official operating agreement naming the partners of the partnership structure to allow the use by multiple lessees .
  3. The current program allows Lessees  to sell, donate or give away up to two weeks in low season. This is considered “Guest Use”. The owner organizes Guest Use and the owner is responsible for the fees per the terms of use agreement. If a lessee sells the time, it is up to the Lessee to pay the owner use fees and insurance obligation and collect these fees from the guest.
  4. The contractual agreements include a Schedule A to the management agreement and it explains the Lessee responsibilities in depth.
  5. If a Lessee wishes more allotted time or more advanced booking this can be purchased at 20% off the published rate.
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