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Next Step

To becoming a Guaranteed Income Yacht Owner
Jeanneau Dealer of the Year 2017
  1. Choose the yachts that might interest you from our Guaranteed Income Program offerings portfolio
  2. Think about how you would use the yacht (short sails, longer trips) and where you’d like it based; how much time would you need to accomplish your annual objectives using the available 12 weeks
  3. Contact FYG to arrange a hosted visit to either one of our charter bases or another location to take a first hand look at the yacht that interests you.
  4. Think about the features and options you would like included in your yacht of interest
  5. Contact FYG to:
    • Discuss your needs and obtain a price
    • Understand all the rules associated with your 12 weeks usage during the first 5 years
  6. If necessary, discuss financing with FYG and its recommended financing company representatives; then, obtain tour pre-approval for financing
  7. Get all the details spelled out in writing and advance by requesting the Guaranteed Income Program Yacht purchase agreement and the Yacht Management Contract.
  8. Determine the best way to pay. Conventional purchase financing with the yacht as collateral is the most common approach; however, there maybe other, tax-friendly alternatives you can use for financing if necessary.
  9. If you are happy with the purchase agreement, lock-in the best pricing by making a small refundable deposit (typically $10K) that is contingent on financing
  10. Apply for financing, and confirm your purchase with FYG when financing is approved
  11. The yacht will be ordered if it is not in stock; delivery is typically 3-6 months
  12. When the yacht is delivered, closing will take place and the yacht will be commissioned
  13. Complete the sea trial and check-off completion of commissioning items
  14. Sign-off the Yacht Management agreement and locate your new yacht in its chosen charter fleet
  15. GO SAILING!!!

Palm Beach
St. Petersburg
Key West