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Fractional Partner

Jeanneau Dealer of the Year 2017

Fractional Partner Overview

Simply stated, this program can Save you 50% or more on both purchase and ownership costs by sharing ownership with a reliable partner owner.

Typically, for a new boat just being delivered into this program, Florida Yacht Group will partner "50/50″ with you unless additional partners are interested and ready to join-up at the same time. For boats already in the program, 25% shares may become available for sale from either the Florida Yacht Group or an existing partner. The Fractional Partner Yacht Portfolio is kept up to date with available shares in both new and existing fractional partnered boat.

Fractional owners share all the time the yacht is available of use. Allowing about 4 weeks per year for maintenance unavailability, each 50% share owner is entitled to 24 weeks per year of usage and each 25% share owner is entitled 12 weeks of usage. The Fractional Yacht Owner Usage Policy and Procedures that is part of the Fractional Partners Program Partnership Agreement specified all the details of how usage time is distributed to each 25% share.

The ownership costs of the yacht, including maintenance, dockage, and insurance are shared according to ownership share. In order to ensure high quality and consistency, Florida Yacht Group provides all these services to the partnership via their Fractional Partner Program Management contract. Yachts in this program yacht s are normally located at FYG charter bases in Florida and the Bahamas.

An owner may choose to offset some ownership costs by earning income for charter use of the owner's fractional share usage time. In this case, FYG will serve as the charter manager in accordance with the Fractional Partner Program Management contract. The Owner may be eligible for tax benefits to the extent that the owner's fractional share is used to generate charter income.

As a fractional partner and manager, Florida Yacht Group anchors and supports the partnership throughout its entire existence – from inception through exit from the program if the partnership decides to sell the yacht.

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Yacht Choices

Choose from a yacht for this program from our available Fractional Partner Program YACHT OFFERINGS

Charter Base Options

Locate your yacht at one of the Florida Yacht Group CHARTER BASES in Miami, Key West, St. Petersburg, Palm Beach, and Marsh Harbor (relocation possible) OR choose an available base with one of our PARTNER FLEETS located throughout the Caribbean

Owner Usage

Fractional Partner Program owners can enjoy up to 12 weeks per year per 25% share (i.e. 24 weeks for 50%) to use their yacht . Please refer to our Fractional Partner Program OWNER USAGE POLICY AND PROCEDURES.


Florida Yacht Group suggest alternative financing options you may be able to use. Please refer to our FINANCING OPTIONS page.


Florida Yacht Group provides economical insurance for the coverage of a yacht in charter service.Please refer to our FLEET INSURANCE POLICY AND PROCEDURES page for details.

Yacht Purchase and Management Agreement

To enjoy the benefits of this program, it is necessary to purchase a new yacht ready for charter service and put it into a charter fleet with a reliable management program. Please refer to our Fractional Partner Program YACHT PURCHASE AND CHARTER MANAGEMENT page for the details of two important operative steps.


Florida Yacht Group service department carefully follows well-defined procedures for commissioning and acquainting the owner with a new yacht. Please refer to NEW YACHT COMMISSIONING AND DELIVERY page.

Charter Process

Florida Yacht Group's Chartering operations team has procedures to screen charter customers to ensure that yachts in our care are always in competent hands. Please refer to our CHARTERING POLICY AND PROCEDURES.

Maintenance Process

Florida Yacht Group's Service Department ensures that yachts receive meticulous attention throughout their time charter service. Please refer to our CHARTER YACHT MAINTENANCE POLICY AND PROCEDURES


Considering your yacht's basic costs are shared and your yacht may earn an income utilizing unused usage time in your share, the economics of owning within this program are very attractive relative to simple ownership. To understand the details and options you have, please refer to our
Fractional Partner Planning Example page for a discussion.

Program Exit Options

When you are ready to sell your share of the partnership or the partnership group decides that it is time to sell the yacht, you need to understand the program exit options. Please refer to our Fractional Partner Program EXIT OPTIONS page.

Tax Information

To the extent that you use your factional share for business purposes or earn charter income, you may be entitled to tax benefits. Please see our Fractional Partner Program TAX INFORMATION page.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find answers to the most common questions about this program on our Fractional Partner Program FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) page.

Ready to Explore Further? For a summary of what to do next in considering this program, please Take the Next Step
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