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Ownership Programs

Save BIG on purchase price and ownership costs while enjoying your yacht
Jeanneau Dealer of the Year 2017


  • SAVE TIME - your yacht  is "ALWAYS READY TO GO" when you want to use it.

Florida Yacht Group can help you meet your yachting objectives at the lowest possible cost through four basic programs that can be customized for your personal situation and lifestyle. At Florida Yacht Group, we strongly believe that yachting is, more often than not, the realization of a key lifelong, personal objective; so, it needs to fit your budget and feel "just right" for you. Partnering with Florida Yacht Group, you can save substantially while enjoying:

  • ownership and usage programs that fit your personal needs
  • boating 52 weeks PER YEAR
  • meticulously managed yachts
  • our exciting, secure, easy to reach charter bases in
    • Coconut Grove
    • Key West
    • St. Petersburg
    • Palm Beach
    • Marsh Harbor Abaco

OR choose one of our great partner fleet locations

Florida Yacht Group is experienced and well-positioned to help you with every step. Our wide range of programs includes support for obtaining financing, realizing performance based income, receiving guaranteed monthly payments, as well as cost saving fractional partnerships and lease-purchases. Depending on the program, you may also be eligible for substantial tax benefits. When you're ready, Florida Yacht Group helps you make informed decisions to plan your exit strategy.

Whether you are in the market for a sail, power or crewed yacht, Florida Yacht Group has yacht portfolios with proven choices for your dream yacht while providing you with the highest possible level of personalized attention for your unique needs.

We offer four basic program options. Start by choosing which program(s) might be right for you by looking over the material on our website, then sign-up for a Personal Webinar and /or contact us to fine tune a program to exactly fit your needs.

Choose a program to YACHT FOR LESS 

Smart Yacht Business - a tax advantaged, income investment!

  • Choose exactly the boat you want!
  • Enjoy umlimited usuage!
  • Save upto 39% or more on the purchase cost!
  • We help you set it up as a business!
  • Choose where in the world you want to keep it!
  • Let the tax advantages and income cover the costs!

Guaranteed Income - worry free ownership on selected vessels for 5 years

  • We pay your dockage
  • We pay your mortgage
  • We pay your insurance
  • We pay your basic maintenance!
  • Enjoy up to 12 weeks per year!

Fractional Partner - buy 50% - get all the fun at half the price

  • Enjoy up to 24 weeks per year!
  • We share the expenses!
  • Put some of your weeks in a charter program and share income and tax advantages
  • Enjoy 100% of the Fun for just 50% or less of the cost!
  • You could even buy 50% now and the other half later!

Lease To Own - a Florida Yacht Group exclusive!

  • Enjoy up to 12 weeks per year!
  • Lease for 5 years at only 6% of MSRP/year!
  • Option to purchase in 5th year for 35% of MSRP!
  • We cover dockage, insurance and basic maintenance!
  • Lease tax deductible if used for valid Business reasons!
Palm Beach
St. Petersburg
Key West