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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Coastal Cruiser Sailboat Series

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey line has come a long way adapting to the new modern Jeanneau design ideas to become the fastest growing sailboat line on the market today. The modern hull design works very efficiently not because of one aspect but because of all the aspects of the design features working together. Imagine a strong white hull gliding through the water and as the hull powers up driven by the force of the wind transferring that energy down to the water through the hull and keel creating a strong efficient ride. The hard chine hull design likes to heal slightly finding the perfect grove as the chine tracks efficiently through the water. The hull length at this point is at its longest as designed to give you maxim speed and comfort. Speed comes from increased water line length and comfort comes from the increased volume creating stability for a fast smooth ride. Add this to the Philippe Briand L Keel design, which is designed to keep the weight forward and low as possible. This hard chine feature also gives an interior benefit by increasing the interior volume.The design of the keel also works together with the rudder designed with longer chord length. This design makes a responsive, balanced and powerful rudder easy to steer.

Moving above the water, the deck and rig work together to bring you even more sailing pleasure. With Jeanneau we make it easy. You can pick your sail combinations depending what kind of sailing you do. More sail for light air or efficient smaller sails for windy sailing areas. A simple designed deck layout, which brings all the controls to you near the helm with Harken rewind winches or electric finger touch trimming. The Dual Mainsail Sheeting System makes for easy sheeting from port or starboard with its clean organized and clutter free cockpits. This very efficient design works together giving you a very memorable sailing experience that you will not soon forget. Efficient designs, simple controls, equals fast, comfort, easy and fun sailing!

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