Rediscovering the Jeanneau 64

Jeanneau America President Paul Fenn talks about his recent voyage aboard the Jeanneau 64 of the coast of France near Sables d'Olonne
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Rediscovering the Jeanneau 64

May 23, 2016 /

Recently I had the opportunity to once again take a trip on the Jeanneau 64; one of the perks of being president of Jeanneau America. So here I am at the helm of Celerity just of the coast of France near Les Sables d'Olonne.  

The Celerity is the sixth Jeanneau 64 I have the pleasure of sailing since we introduce the line in June of 2014.  Officially the Jeanneau 64 is part of the "Jeanneau Yacht" collection that includes the all new Jeanneau 54 and the Jeanneau 57, unofficially I like to think of the 64 as being in a class of it's own. When naval architect Phipple Braind in collaboration with designer Andrew Winch created the Jeanneau 64 it created to be well more of a super-yacht like an Oyster or Swan then other production boats on the market today; it just is more then a big boat.

In March I spend the week about Serenity another Jeanneau 64 in Caribbean for the 2016 Owner's Rendezvous. This experience allowed me to see first hand this amazing yacht performs as a live-aboard, which I must say it did not disappoint. So I thought I would tell you about some of the sailing features on the Jeanneau 64, that you have to love. North sails come STANDARD on every boat, and most of our customers have the in-mast furling main. But the Celerity the yacht I most recently sailed on, has a boom furling system that allows for a elegant fully-battened, full-roach North mainsail that adds to the sailing performance without losing the convenience of stowing the main at end a beautiful day of sailing. Another feature I can see not having is the optional Harken captive winch, that lives below decks and with a touch of a button you can sheet the main sail in and out as needed. Now if you are like me the the idea of world cruising, is just a joy, so the optional inner-headstay which allows you to sail under reefed main and staysail; can be handy when the winds pipe up and you need to reduce sail.

The Jeanneau 64 is not just a sailboat it a relaxing yacht with some amazing features. On the deck the enormous cockpit has a section which is ideal for lounging and dinning and an aft cockpit for actual sailing. 

If you ever speak to Erik Stromberg, product development manager at Jeanneau, and he’ll tell you the 64 is “engineered for choice.” What he means by this is that while the 64 is a long ways away from a fully customizable yacht, there are several interior design configurations for people to choose from allowing customers to configure their boat to their liking. So whether you’re looking for owner’s cabin aft or owner’s cabin forward the design already exists; all you have to do is plug and play. Like to have a 4th cabin for extra guests? No problem, the option to have this is their for the taking. Like to have a skipper's cabin or pantry or additional head? It's not a problem because they have all been designed into the boat. This "engineered for choice" approach helps drastically to keep quality high and costs low.

All and all I find it pretty easy to see the Jeanneau 64 as a sensational yacht. And I guess it's fair to say that I have a bit of a love affair going on with the 64 as well. And why not, it's big, it's beautiful and it's fun to sail anywhere you want to go; safely, quickly, and in total comfort. I consider myself lucky that I've had the opportunity now to sail on so many different 64s and I look forward to the time when I do so again.

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